A new version of the SOSI software that runs the Solo recorder is out. Download it for free.

There are several important additions.

  • Calendar function. Calendar mode allows the user to define at what times of day/week recording can take place. This will be of use to those who only want to collect at certain times of day, or want to get away with smaller memory cards. Particularly for Bat monitoring, where the data-rates are high, this will be useful. More info on calendar mode

  • USB microphones supported. The Solo can now operate without the CLAC (Cirrus Logic Audio Card) if, instead, you provide a USB microphone. Only 2 have been explicitly supported - the Dodotronic UltraMic 200kHz, and the Blue Snowflake. It should be possible to add others. See here for more information on the Solo:usbmic device, and how it differs from the Solo:basic.

  • Configuration file cleanups: If you previously used CLAC_SAMPLERATE and CLAC_CHANNELS in your amon.conf file, please change these to simply SAMPLERATE and CHANNELS.

  • Many small fixes, and upgrades, including a new kernel (4.4.14+), which nobody except the author typing this cares about.