Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for the Solo. Please ask a question (at and I’ll answer it.

What software does it run?

Memory cards need to be “flashed” before use with the SSI (Solo software image), and your personalised configuration options (if you have any). This process configures everything about the Solo’s operation, so there is no configuration in the field whilst deploying.

The Solo Operating System Image (SOSI) is based on a stock Raspbian Gnu/Linux operating system, modified in several ways to make it do what is needed of a Solo (detect the hardware clock and other boring things).

The audio recording is handled by custom software “amon”, which runs every minute (as a cron job) to ensure recording is proceeding as planned.

Can I log in to the Solo and look around?

If you are familiar with Linux you are welcome to log in and fiddle (login=amon, password=amon). You’ll need a USB-ethernet dongle (unplug the microphone). It’ll pick up an IP address from your DHCP server and appear on the network as hostname: solo. I type “ssh solo -l amon”. Once you are in, head for the “amon” directory and look around. All the code is on github, so if you have ideas, you can send improvements or submit patches.

Can I buy one?

Not from me, sorry. All the software and design are open, so you can build your own. The video shows you how, as does the basic build guide.