The Solo now supports the Creative Sound Blaster PLAY! 2. This sound card presents a 3.5mm mic-in socket and records audio up to 48kHz in mono.

Solo with SoundBlaster2 dongle

Solo with SoundBlaster2 dongle zoom

A new SOSI download is available with this enabled:

This sound card is automatically detected and used by Solo, with no configuration required. We advise setting the gain using the SB_VOLUME paramter in amon.conf may be advisable. Try it out with your chosen microphone to get the level right.

Currently (July 2017) it costs £20 in the UK and $24 in the USA.

This dongle can be used in place of the (previously recommended) Cirrus Logic Audio Card which has been discontinued (but is still supported in Solo, for existing users).

Other USB microphones are also supported - including the Blue Snowflake and the ultrasonic “dodotronic” microphones, however they don’t allow you to choose your own microphone.