The process of setting the clock module is now much easier. Perviously, it involved logging in and typing commands - particularly tricky for Windows users, but a faff for all, really.

Now, when you need to set the clock, simply attach the Solo to a computer network using a USB-ethernet adapter, insert a freshly flashed memory card, and turn it on for 15 minutes. It automatically syncronises time from the internet and updates the internal clock, so that the time and date are remembered for years - until the little battery on the clock module runs out.

See here for full instructions on setting the clock this new way.

Remember: syncing the clock can be done any time. But must be done after initial assembly and after clock-battery replacement. If you care about time-of-day being really accurate, you should sync more frequently. The clock module does drift, probably by around 10 seconds per month.

This change is bundled into the new SOSI release. This software image is also much smaller, after improving the thing that shrinks SOSIs. This is now the default stable release for everyone.